Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming...........

 Santa has elves, you have Target. I got nuthin.' Except me. I finally finished all the big projects but I can't show you anything but the mess.

Oh, wait.......there are a couple things I could show you.
A friend of mine teaches Special Education. She asked if I could make a bag to send home the children's reading book so it wouldn't get lost. I made one and then she said, "I have three groups."  These are #2 and #3.  Lost my picture of the first one in the laptop "crash."

Up next: The Christmas gift reveal. (After they've all been opened)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Here's hoping you are celebrating with family and friends.

I may not be with these people but I'm thankful for all of them! They are precious to me.

Let's keep the "attitude of gratitude" going until next year at this time.
And then we can renew it for another year.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

If you eat like I do.......

It's a family joke~~"it's not lunch (breakfast, supper, dinner) unless you get it on you."  I was having French toast sticks last week at BK in Lincoln and fortunately I had a clean shirt in the car.  Syrup is very, very drippy. My husband thinks I need a "clothing protector."

My mom is blind as a result of an accident and a rare eye infection.  She lives in an assisted living place that supplies "clothing protectors" for their residents. However, sometimes there weren't enough to go around so I started making some just for her.  When I got my embroidery machine last year, I started adding designs.  Here are the latest ones.
...for October......

...and November....  

...and one for the bean auction.  I'll make Mom one later.

She called me the other day and said there had been a Resident's Meeting at which the kitchen chef made an announcement regarding clothing protectors.  He said the protectors were for only those with poor eyesight.  If you didn't have poor eyesight and wanted one, you should have your "daughter" make you one. We had a good chuckle at that one.  I'd like to get the costs down so that the residents could buy one if they wanted one.  Terry cloth is rather expensive. Consequently, towels are too. Add binding, thread and supplies for embroidery and we're up to $10 or so.

You noticed we don't call them bibs?  But here's a bib I made for a little girl's birthday.

I now think the design is too big for a bib but it did turn out cute. And who would have thought of using a curly shoelace for a tie. That's another hint I got from the Anita Goodesign party.

Up next: Who knows?--there's lots to do around here.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Anita Goodesign Party..........

I've had my embroidery machine for a year now. And little by little I'm doing more on it.  The shop where I bought it (Colby Sew & Vac) has two wonderful ladies who encourage me to try more things all the time.  They told me I should come to the Anita Goodesign two-day event party they were holding.  They told me all the advantages and I signed up. I thought surely in two days I could learn some new things.

It seems like most embroiderers are older ladies who have money to buy the machines and time to use them. Of course, most of them have way more expensive machines than I do so don't get the wrong idea here.  However, at this party I was paired with three young women. Probably not much older than my oldest grandson. And they were so much fun! One even brought her baby.
Isn't he just the cutest?

Each group had an embroidery machine to work on for the projects provided by the company. Did I mention this was a "hands-on" event?  Our presenter, Jessica,  
gave us a little history of the company and had power point shows of each project we were doing.  I may not have these in the order we did them but you won't care and it doesn't matter. We were assigned the six thread machine.  There was a small learning curve involved but once we got going..........we were GONE!  (If I had the money.......!!)

Even I could make quilt blocks like this. And they had a cd of designs with many variations too. This is all done "in the hoop" and so easy. The machine does all the work.

This is cutwork......all done on the machine and then carefully cut with micro scissors.

Who would have thought you could make a bag with zipper on an embroidery machine?
Here's ours.
I plan to make some of these. They use jelly roll strips and it's all done "in the hoop."  Even the zipper. Amazing!

This is an apple border but the design could be used anywhere really.

These 3D flowers are fun to make and beautiful. Add a clip to the back and you have the cutest hair accessory. A friend said she could see them meandering up the leg of her jeans. They could decorate a sweater, a hat, just about anything.
Made at home.
Made at the party.

And a lovely corner applique suited to napkins and tablecloths especially.

With Christmas coming there had to be something for the season.  This is called "fringe" work.  The stitches in some areas are done so that they can be cut down the center to give a texture look and feel to the project. My "girls" and I weren't so sure we liked the technique or the look but it is an option.

Speaking of my "girls" here are two of the young women I laughed with during the two days of fun, food and chocolate. And......our six-thread, faster than lightning, Brother embroidery machine.

At the end we were given a cd of the event designs, a cd of promotion designs and I won a cd of 2012 design samples.  Of course I had to buy a couple design cd's too, but we won't talk about that here. It was a wonderful event and I won't hesitate to sign up for future parties and workshops.

Up next: Bibs and clothing protectors.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Princess Dress done - Check!

The Princess Dress is finished and on its way to Florida for the Princess to open when she gets there.  I forgot to take a picture so I'll have to wait until the Dinner with Cinderella pictures get sent to me.

In the meantime, here are the others modeled by the princess herself.

Have I mentioned that I love this little girl?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Not the Princess Dress

This week I had wanted to tell you that the Princess Dress

was finished and in the mail to the little Princess
 that will be wearing it for dinner with Cinderella.

But, LIFE got in the way. Last weekend we discovered our 30-some year old freezer had died. We had to cook a package of bacon and bake two 9x13 pans of meat. We threw the vegetables away along with pot pies and one lone pizza.  Mopped the water from the bottom of the freezer and let it sit until yesterday when we could go shopping.
We bought a new Frigidaire
(the old one just happened to be a Frigidaire made by General Motors). 

They were to deliver it this morning so My Hero started getting ready for it. He moved the old one out of the way, swept the dirt from behind it and moved some other things out of the way. Did I mention this goes in the garage?  When I got up, I did some more sweeping and moving things around. Then he decided we needed to move the extra pieces of sheet lumber to the shed. But....we can't move them till we rearrange the shed. So we drag out the moped, barrel of wood, roofing sheeting, moved some things around, swept and carried the lumber to the shed.

Swept the garage again. Swept the shed again. Then he decides that the door to the shed needs to be repaired. So we remove old boards, prime, take a trip to Wal-Mart to get supplies, fill holes, prime wood, attach wood, fill more holes, prime and reattach hinges.

Somewhere in there two young men arrive with the new deep freeze. They unload it and load the old one. One little hitch. The cord is not long enough to allow us to put it where we want it. We purchased a  nine foot heavy duty extension cord (only needed three feet) on the WM trip. When we moved it to where we wanted it, it even set level-no cardboard under the rear corner.

My Hero is still out there putting things back where they go, but I quit.

May I please go sew?  There's a certain little girl waiting for a Princess Dress!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

BeDazzled Quilt

The ladies at the quilt shop where I bought my embroidery machine convinced me to take the BeDazzled block of the month classes. They said it would help me get familiar with my machine. It sure has!  This was the first block, although "block" isn't really the right description. It's a diamond really and I can't wait to assemble these. NOT!

There are four different diamond patterns and two of each pattern.
One is made in class and one is homework.

Placement of the applique is key.
We benefited from Lisa's expertise on this one.
And then......the blocks, actual blocks.

I just finished August's homework.
I love this machine!!
It is so much fun to watch it work.
I was contemplating, in wake of the earthquakes, hurricanes and floods, what would I take with me if I had minutes to evacuate. That was easy. Family pictures, my Kindle and my machine. I know the last two are replaceable but my Kindle was a gift from my precious daughters and I would be upset to see my machine damaged by flood water or the ceiling falling in on it.
I Googled Bedazzled and found this photo of the creator's finished quilt.
The dark purple is my lime green.
Mine's going to be just as another 6-9 months?

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Next up: the Princess Dress for a princess.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dresses and Jumpers, Oh My!!

I consider myself a fairly organized person. But..........when I sew it get's crazy.........
It doesn't matter if I sew at home...........
or at the camper.
And so I waste a lot of time looking for things. This morning I looked for my magnetic pin cushion. I know I just had it. And then I couldn't find the camera. I think it may be time to clean up a little before starting the next project.

The fabulous owner of the fabric store, Prior's, (in the town where I spend three days of my week all summer long) offered to let me cut things out in their basement workroom. They have a nice looonnnngg table perfect for laying out yardage and patterns.
And it was cool. No, I mean temperature wise, it was COOL! They offered me a cutting mat, straight edge, scissors, drinks and a fan.  Such nice ladies. I've been there two weeks in a row.
So I've turned this.......
into this.
into this.....
........from these.

And these........
from these.

 This one is cut out and ready to put together. 

This is next week's cut out project. Two ruffle skirts in purple. And two purple layered dresses.
Why do I do zippers?? I do not like zippers. Zippers I do not like!
Up next: Update on the BeDazzled Quilt. It's gorgeous.