Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dresses and Jumpers, Oh My!!

I consider myself a fairly organized person. But..........when I sew it get's crazy.........
It doesn't matter if I sew at home...........
or at the camper.
And so I waste a lot of time looking for things. This morning I looked for my magnetic pin cushion. I know I just had it. And then I couldn't find the camera. I think it may be time to clean up a little before starting the next project.

The fabulous owner of the fabric store, Prior's, (in the town where I spend three days of my week all summer long) offered to let me cut things out in their basement workroom. They have a nice looonnnngg table perfect for laying out yardage and patterns.
And it was cool. No, I mean temperature wise, it was COOL! They offered me a cutting mat, straight edge, scissors, drinks and a fan.  Such nice ladies. I've been there two weeks in a row.
So I've turned this.......
into this.
into this.....
........from these.

And these........
from these.

 This one is cut out and ready to put together. 

This is next week's cut out project. Two ruffle skirts in purple. And two purple layered dresses.
Why do I do zippers?? I do not like zippers. Zippers I do not like!
Up next: Update on the BeDazzled Quilt. It's gorgeous.

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  1. Is that the Michael Miller you won in my give away?! That's AWESOME!
    All of them are just darling!
    And I'm the same way (as you know). I can't stand a mess, but when I'm sewing, it will STAY a MESS until I'm done!


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