Thursday, September 1, 2011

BeDazzled Quilt

The ladies at the quilt shop where I bought my embroidery machine convinced me to take the BeDazzled block of the month classes. They said it would help me get familiar with my machine. It sure has!  This was the first block, although "block" isn't really the right description. It's a diamond really and I can't wait to assemble these. NOT!

There are four different diamond patterns and two of each pattern.
One is made in class and one is homework.

Placement of the applique is key.
We benefited from Lisa's expertise on this one.
And then......the blocks, actual blocks.

I just finished August's homework.
I love this machine!!
It is so much fun to watch it work.
I was contemplating, in wake of the earthquakes, hurricanes and floods, what would I take with me if I had minutes to evacuate. That was easy. Family pictures, my Kindle and my machine. I know the last two are replaceable but my Kindle was a gift from my precious daughters and I would be upset to see my machine damaged by flood water or the ceiling falling in on it.
I Googled Bedazzled and found this photo of the creator's finished quilt.
The dark purple is my lime green.
Mine's going to be just as another 6-9 months?

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Next up: the Princess Dress for a princess.

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  1. You quilt is coming along beautifully Nancy, and it's a pleasure to have you in class! I always want you in the front row. =]
    Side note: Your upgrade won't be ready until you get back next week (still not sure on the board). Then we can play some more on your machine!!


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