Friday, September 9, 2011

Not the Princess Dress

This week I had wanted to tell you that the Princess Dress

was finished and in the mail to the little Princess
 that will be wearing it for dinner with Cinderella.

But, LIFE got in the way. Last weekend we discovered our 30-some year old freezer had died. We had to cook a package of bacon and bake two 9x13 pans of meat. We threw the vegetables away along with pot pies and one lone pizza.  Mopped the water from the bottom of the freezer and let it sit until yesterday when we could go shopping.
We bought a new Frigidaire
(the old one just happened to be a Frigidaire made by General Motors). 

They were to deliver it this morning so My Hero started getting ready for it. He moved the old one out of the way, swept the dirt from behind it and moved some other things out of the way. Did I mention this goes in the garage?  When I got up, I did some more sweeping and moving things around. Then he decided we needed to move the extra pieces of sheet lumber to the shed. But....we can't move them till we rearrange the shed. So we drag out the moped, barrel of wood, roofing sheeting, moved some things around, swept and carried the lumber to the shed.

Swept the garage again. Swept the shed again. Then he decides that the door to the shed needs to be repaired. So we remove old boards, prime, take a trip to Wal-Mart to get supplies, fill holes, prime wood, attach wood, fill more holes, prime and reattach hinges.

Somewhere in there two young men arrive with the new deep freeze. They unload it and load the old one. One little hitch. The cord is not long enough to allow us to put it where we want it. We purchased a  nine foot heavy duty extension cord (only needed three feet) on the WM trip. When we moved it to where we wanted it, it even set level-no cardboard under the rear corner.

My Hero is still out there putting things back where they go, but I quit.

May I please go sew?  There's a certain little girl waiting for a Princess Dress!

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