Thursday, October 20, 2011

Anita Goodesign Party..........

I've had my embroidery machine for a year now. And little by little I'm doing more on it.  The shop where I bought it (Colby Sew & Vac) has two wonderful ladies who encourage me to try more things all the time.  They told me I should come to the Anita Goodesign two-day event party they were holding.  They told me all the advantages and I signed up. I thought surely in two days I could learn some new things.

It seems like most embroiderers are older ladies who have money to buy the machines and time to use them. Of course, most of them have way more expensive machines than I do so don't get the wrong idea here.  However, at this party I was paired with three young women. Probably not much older than my oldest grandson. And they were so much fun! One even brought her baby.
Isn't he just the cutest?

Each group had an embroidery machine to work on for the projects provided by the company. Did I mention this was a "hands-on" event?  Our presenter, Jessica,  
gave us a little history of the company and had power point shows of each project we were doing.  I may not have these in the order we did them but you won't care and it doesn't matter. We were assigned the six thread machine.  There was a small learning curve involved but once we got going..........we were GONE!  (If I had the money.......!!)

Even I could make quilt blocks like this. And they had a cd of designs with many variations too. This is all done "in the hoop" and so easy. The machine does all the work.

This is cutwork......all done on the machine and then carefully cut with micro scissors.

Who would have thought you could make a bag with zipper on an embroidery machine?
Here's ours.
I plan to make some of these. They use jelly roll strips and it's all done "in the hoop."  Even the zipper. Amazing!

This is an apple border but the design could be used anywhere really.

These 3D flowers are fun to make and beautiful. Add a clip to the back and you have the cutest hair accessory. A friend said she could see them meandering up the leg of her jeans. They could decorate a sweater, a hat, just about anything.
Made at home.
Made at the party.

And a lovely corner applique suited to napkins and tablecloths especially.

With Christmas coming there had to be something for the season.  This is called "fringe" work.  The stitches in some areas are done so that they can be cut down the center to give a texture look and feel to the project. My "girls" and I weren't so sure we liked the technique or the look but it is an option.

Speaking of my "girls" here are two of the young women I laughed with during the two days of fun, food and chocolate. And......our six-thread, faster than lightning, Brother embroidery machine.

At the end we were given a cd of the event designs, a cd of promotion designs and I won a cd of 2012 design samples.  Of course I had to buy a couple design cd's too, but we won't talk about that here. It was a wonderful event and I won't hesitate to sign up for future parties and workshops.

Up next: Bibs and clothing protectors.


  1. It sounds awesome! That is not something on my list right now, but it really looks fun.


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