Saturday, October 29, 2011

If you eat like I do.......

It's a family joke~~"it's not lunch (breakfast, supper, dinner) unless you get it on you."  I was having French toast sticks last week at BK in Lincoln and fortunately I had a clean shirt in the car.  Syrup is very, very drippy. My husband thinks I need a "clothing protector."

My mom is blind as a result of an accident and a rare eye infection.  She lives in an assisted living place that supplies "clothing protectors" for their residents. However, sometimes there weren't enough to go around so I started making some just for her.  When I got my embroidery machine last year, I started adding designs.  Here are the latest ones.
...for October......

...and November....  

...and one for the bean auction.  I'll make Mom one later.

She called me the other day and said there had been a Resident's Meeting at which the kitchen chef made an announcement regarding clothing protectors.  He said the protectors were for only those with poor eyesight.  If you didn't have poor eyesight and wanted one, you should have your "daughter" make you one. We had a good chuckle at that one.  I'd like to get the costs down so that the residents could buy one if they wanted one.  Terry cloth is rather expensive. Consequently, towels are too. Add binding, thread and supplies for embroidery and we're up to $10 or so.

You noticed we don't call them bibs?  But here's a bib I made for a little girl's birthday.

I now think the design is too big for a bib but it did turn out cute. And who would have thought of using a curly shoelace for a tie. That's another hint I got from the Anita Goodesign party.

Up next: Who knows?--there's lots to do around here.


  1. love the clothing protectors....very nice with the embroidery as well

  2. These are great! And the way we say it at our house is "It's not a meal unless you're wearing it."


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